All ULLU Web Series List Watch Online (December 2023)

All ULLU Web Series List : Friends if you want know ullu web series list then must read this article, because in this article we are oing to tell you all ullu popular web series name, starcast, story etc. complete information.

all ullu web series list


For your kind information ullu ott platform first web series Halalaa. This web series released on 25 December 2018. When this web series released he is gain more popularity on ullu app. After that Ullu given back to back many hit web series as Charamsukh, PalangTod and many other famous web series.

Let’s know all ullu web series list in step by step……

1. Chull Ullu Web Series

chull web series


The cull web series story’s a girl lover and her mother affaire. One day her mother slept with a uncle. Then girl decide with our boyfriend, kill then uncle and get all property our under. Then girl and her boyfriends kill him uncle and aunti, but she send jail our boyfriend. Watch full web series on ullu app.

  • Ritu Pandey
  • Alpita Banika
  • Puneet Singh
  • Gulaab Singh
  • Sandeep Narang

2. Anari Ullu Web Series

anari part 3 ullu web series

This web series story was a man who playing with children’s. Then neighbour man call him and given some money. After some times that man goes to our home give money to our mom and say a neighbour man given this money.

Then hert mom discuss with neighbour auntie’s, then neighbour advice our son marride my daughter. Then her mom was agree and marride our son a girl. When girl come in our new house his man can’t satisfied then man call our best friend’s, then his friends satisfy hiw wife. Watch full anari web series on ott app.

3. Bikau Ullu Web Series

bikau part 2 ullu web series

Bikaau web series story of Ranjeet and his girlfriend. One day Rnjeet and hois girlfriend start romanc but unfortunately a man entered in the room and he start killing ans quarrel with him. After some time ranjeet’s girlfriend’s relise a her boyfriends borro hogh loan from this man.

Then next day ranjeet’s girlfriends share our ploblem with other best friends. Then her friends advice i can give all money but i need something alse with you. If you are agree then i will give all need money. Then ranjeet’s girlfreind agree and get money and sleep with our best friends.

4. Tohafa Ullu Web Series


This web series story a man name Amiya who lived a city. But one day this man given a gift to our friends Mantu & sent village to for wife. Then Mantu goes to his home to give gift Amiya’s wife, but Mantu start liking our friend Wife. But Amiya’s sister also liking him Mantu. And she want to intercoure with mantu, watch full web series on ullu apps.

5. Khalish 3 Ullu Web Series

Kalish web series story a marride couple, and his mother-in-law. After first night next day his enter the home start romancing with our wife but his mother seen him when he is both romancing.

One couple wife and her mother-in-law goes to market to buy vegetable, but her mother-in-law follow a boy who is looking body builder. When her mother-in-law looking her bahu seen him, then both come to home. Her bahu advise our mother-in-law please maintain our figure then this boy boy like you. Watch full web series ullu app.

6. Amras Ullu Web Series

Aamras web series story a man who is a writer, and he written many story but people not likinh his story. But he start written romantic story. And one day rani’s call him our mahal. Then him goes to rani’s mahal and tell the story with Rani.

Rani is impress this man and she said, if in this story’s energy, then this man is more energetic. Then rani said live telecast listen me this story. Then this man start romantce with rani and listen all story with live proof. Rani is fully satisfied this man amd his story live proof.

  • Bharti Jha
  • Aarita Paul
  • Priti Dey
  • Riya Barde
  • Farhan Ansari

7. Siskiyan 4 Ullu Web Series

This web series is most popular web series on ullu app. When released this web series gained more popularity on web series industry and internet.

The web series stories Renu and father-in-law(sasur) who lives a home. One day her father-in-law friend come his house with our daughter Neha for live for few days. One Renu father-in-law seeks then Neha call a doctor who is neha’s boyfriend. Then he come start romancing her watch full romantic web series.

8. Love Guru Ullu Web Series

love guru

Love guru web series story a girl Mili, who liked our tuition teacher Varun. Mili many times to try our teacher impress to aur body and anything else but Varun sir underestimate him Mili.

One day mili goes to our college then share our love guru tearcher Varun. After will next in this web series watch full web series on ott platform ullu app.

  • Samita Paul
  • Suhana Khan
  • Vishal Batth
  • Aniruddh Singh

9. Adla Badli Ullu Web Series

This web series a newly marride couple, who is not happy with everyone but both a business partner. But one day this couple meed a new business partner, but is not happy with our wife. Then both business partner decide in if business goen to boom then, i am swap our wife then both agree this promise. After will what happend in this web series watch full adla badli web series.

  • Pamela Mondal
  • Ananya Samarth
  • Caption Arman
  • Paaras Arora

10. Dream Girl Ullu Web Series

dream girl


Dream girl web series a girl who have a magic book, when this girl read this book in day in the night when she sleeping a boy come his house and he is satisfy everyday when girl read this book. But one day this girl goes to our college a unknowns boy distry this book, then girl is very sad then she is very angry on this boy. Watch Full web series dream girl on ott platform ullu app.

  • Bharti Jha
  • Pooja Paddor
  • Farhan Ansari
  • Himanshu Sharma

11. Riksawalaa Ullu Web Series

The web series story a girl name Nisha whose boyfriend cheam with her. One day Kundan Rikshawala cheating agin she is very angry and she decide for sucide, But kundan stop him. Because kundan and Nisha love each other.

One day Nisha’s sister-in-law (bhabhi) advice her, conect a new rich boy then your old boyfriend jealous you. Then Nisha shart love a new rich guy. Who is very happy and satisfy everydays to Nisha. Then her old boyfriend start blackmailing , after what will have next in this web series.

12. Rain Basera Ullu Web Series

rain basera

This web series story Deepa and her husband, who is selling stolen goods (chori ka samaan) but unfortunately police come. When deepa seen police run away from there, and one day she meet old boyfriend Rohan. Who is best friend’s Deepa.

Then Deepa start talking with rohan but fall in love with deepa, deepa start love and romanceing. But behind her husband seen him both after will what happend in this web series watch full web series rain basera on ullu app.

13. Manmaniya Ullu Web Series


This web series story a onld man whos age 50 years, whose marride have 25 years old. But he is not happy with our personal life and and our wife. Because his wife goes to every day partie’s pub’s etc. But this old couple have a duaghter.

One day his daughter come from school with our friend Sonia. But this old man like our daughter friend’s Soniya. And one his daughter and wife not at home call him Soniya and get start intercourse with her. Unfortunately his daughter come in the house and seen out father what are he doing. Watch full romantic web series manmaniya on ullu apps.

14. Gaon Ki Garmi Ullu Web Series

gaon ki garmi season 4 web series,

For you kind information this web series is the most popular web series on ott platforn ullu app. The web series story Sonu who goes our Nanihal, and he start liking our mami and fall in love. One day sonu mama not at home because he is goen to job then sonu start intercourese with mami and satisfy our mama. Then mamai is vey happy with sonu because sonu fullu satisfy.

  • Mahi Kaur (Mami)
  • Anupam (Mama)
  • Sahbaaz Abdullah (Boy)

15. Devrani Jethani Aur Wo Web Series

devrani jethani aur wo web series


This web series story Pihu sharma (devrani) and Jayshree Gaikwad (jethani) who live our husband’s and father-in-law a house. One day her home all member not at home, Because all member goes to work in the khet. Then devrani and jethani call a neighbour boy and stry romancing and this boy intercourse with both devrani, jethani. Watch full romantic and drama web series on ullu app.

Conclusion :

For you information in this all ullu web series list information provide based on media reports. And all image used from google and image only given entertainment purpose only. If your age 18+ then i recommend watch all these webseries and enjoy only on ott apps.


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