Top 10 Ullu Web Series Watch Online (December 2023)

Top 10 Ullu Web Series : India’s most famous ott platform ullu app released many bold web series. If you want to know or watch top 10 ullu web series then you read complete this article.

top 10 ullu web series watch online

Ullu app gained millions of subscribe in very short time, because this platform produce romantic and bold web series content. Today i will give you Top 10 ullu hot and bold web series information. Where you you can watch on official ott platfor ullu app.

1. Charamsukh Chawl House Web Series

sneha paul web series list



This web series gained lots of popularity in short time. In this web series main lead actress Sneha Paul play as Bhabhi. Sneha Paul get fame in with our bold web series. When this web series released after this actress come in next Laal Lihaaf web series.

Charamsukh chawal house story a chowl house where a guest come for few days in her house. But when other member not at home guest and Renu (sneha paul) start romance. In this web series who is play main role.

  • Sneha Paul
  • Ishan Tiwari
  • Dakshita Kumar
  • Jyotsna Trivedi
  • Meenu Sharma

2. Halalaa Ullu Hot Web Series

halalaa web series

Halalaa is the old and most famous web series on ullu app. Ullu app gain more fame when halalaa web series released. This web series based on triple talaak and in this web series rahil and afja who lived a house with her father-in-law.

But due to any reason rahil given afja talaak and some time he want agail married, but afja getting to halala with father-in-law after then she can marriage rahil. See full web series on ullu app.

  • Safaq Naaz
  • Ravi Bhatiya
  • Eajaj Khaan
  • Nileema Ajeem
  • Deepak Singh Goyal

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3. Charamsukh Aate Ki Chakki Web Series

andar ki baat ullu web series

Aate ki chakki is most watched web series on ullu app. In this web series mail role play Jinnie Jaaz, Jinnie jaaz know everyone because she work many web series.

In this web series story two daughter-in-law badi bahu (Jinnie Jaaz) and Choti bahu (Muskan Agrawal) live with her father-in-law (sasur). These days no have to aate ki chakii in the village.

Then her father-in-law goes to market and but a wheat milling machine. And come to home and install machine. Then village person come in day for wheat milling and go out home. In the night his dauther-in-law was satisfy with her father-in-law.

4. Charamsukh Jaane Anjane Main Web Series

This web series is the most affectionate on ullu app. In this web series main role play jannie Jaaz (bahu) . This web series story was a village a father-in-law and daughter-in-law. And father-in-law fall in love with our bahu. When his ome goes to work for work on other city. Then his father full fill satisfy desire with wife (bahu).

5. The Bull Of Dalaal Street Web Series

top 10 ullu web series

This web series is the based on famous movies Harshad mehata scam. This scam is 1992 based everyone know this scam. In this web series harshad mehta how a poor person become a king of dalaal and he get become millionair in very short time. In tthis web series very historical web series.

  • Iqbal Khan
  • Asmit Patel
  • Priyal Gour
  • Kinal Varma
  • Aparna Sharma
  • Naina Chaabara

6. Blackmail Palang Tod Web Series

top 10 ullu web series

This web series story a couple whos life is not happy woth every one then he deside divorced. Then her wife friends advise him and she is start enjoying night party’s. After then she is happy and going to party and drink and with friend intercourse him.

But his small son seen her, then he say everyone. In this web series Simaran Khan is lookingso very and sexy. after that what happend in these web series to watch full web series in ullu app.

  • Simaran Khan
  • Knchan Awasthi
  • Shubhan Vyas
  • Vijendra Singh

7. Dunali Ullu Hot Web Series

dunali web series

The story od this web series a boy named Sameer, and Sameer is a unemployed person. But oneday a prostitute start and satisfied at night other girls. Now Sameer is starting escort job. Then sameer accept this job and earn may amount of rupees.

But where Smeer lived her makaan mallik rent then sameer satisfy our makaan maalikin. She is very happy with Sameer, because Sameer is full fill desire makaam maalkin. To watch full web series on ott platform ullu app.

  • Shubham Deorukhar
  • Neha Valodia
  • Plak Singh
  • Prerana Singh
  • Hitesh Makhija
  • Babul Bhaveshar

8. Woodpecker Hot Web Series

Woodpecker web series is very famous web series on ott ullu app. In this web series play main role Prayag Tyagi, Ira Sony, Ajay Singhaniya.

This web series story arount Sanaya, who want to become airline owner. Her hard work and smartwork led to a right man on the right time. Watch full romantic and hot web series on ullu app.

  • Parag Tyagi
  • Iara Sony
  • Surbhi Tiwari
  • Nehal Valodiya
  • Anupama Prakash
  • Anil Dhawan
  • Vijay Patakar

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10. Khul Ja Sim Sim Web Series

nikita chopara all web series list



Khul ja sim sim is the best web series on ullu app, in this web series Nikita chopra play main lead role as Simaran. In this web series Nikita Chopara is looking so very hot and sexy. When you watch this web series please plug in earphone on ear. And look alone because in this web series veri bold and hot seen.


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