Top 10 Ullu Hot Web Series Actress Name Watch Online (November 2023)

Top 10 Ullu Hot Web Series Actress Name : For your kind information Ullu app India’s fastest growing ott platform. And this platform famous for our bold and romantic content.

Top 10 ullu hot web series

Ullu app lots of web series famous India and other country as example charamsukh palangtod, tadap, hotspot etc are the most popular web series.

In this web series actress is hard working with our passion then growing this ullu platform, and in web series actresss is looking so very hot and bold, that the reason in this time web series more person watched. Because web series in very hot and romatinc content.

Then friend come to know who is most popular top 10 ullu hot web series. Let’s know…..

1. Rajsi Varma

Top 10 ullu hot web series


Rajsi Varma is very famous actress and modal in India. Many people liked Rasji Varma web series on ullu platform & other paltform kooku, Voovi, Digimoviesplex etc. And this actress worked many web series as Damaad Ji, Sas Bahu & NRI, Tauba Tauba etc. web series. IN these web series Rajsi Varma is given very hot and bold seen.

2. Maahi Kaur

Top 10 ullu hot web series

This actress is very famous on ullu app, Mahi Kuar get popularity with “Palangtod Gaon Ki Garmi” ullu web series. In these web series mahi’s play Aunti role. After that this web series released 2nd part, in this web series mahi play main lead role. Mahi work on many platform on web series as ullu, kooku, voovi etc.

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3. Sneha Paul

Top 10 ullu hot web series

You know this actress Sneha Paul is very beautiful and hot actress, Sneha Pual work in many web series on ullu app and other ott app. This acress is a very famous web series “Charamsukh Chawl House” on ullu app. This web series reason Sneha paun got high popularity. In web series Sneha Paul given very hot and bold look. But Sneha Pual work on other web series as a “Laal Lihaaf” etc.

4. Priya Gamre

priya gamre

Priya Gamre is one of the best web series actresss in India, Priya Gamre is worked on “Maa Derani Beti Jethani” web series who is the gain popularity from this web series. And Priya Gamre currently new web series coming “Shahad” on ullu app. In web series Priya Gamre is looking so very beautiful and hot.

5. Nikita Chopara

nikita chopara all web series list

Nikita Chopada is very famous actress & modal, Nikita chopara is good looking that the reason every him like her. And these actress worked on “Khul Ja Sim Sim” web series. In web series Nikita chopara looking very charm, and bold looks. Till now this actress work only ullu app web series.

6. Ridhima Tiwari

ridhima tiwari all web series list

Ridhima Tiwari most famous actresses in India, Most people like her know “Rajni Kand” web series. This web series released on cineprime app, from this web series Ridhima Tiwari gained high popularity on social media. This acress is very famous in web series industry. And this actress worked also on other web series as Jalebi Bai, Walkman, Betaab Ishq 2 etc.

7. Bharti Jha

Bharti Jha

Bharti Jha is a very famous actress on web series industry, you know Bharti Jha know every person in web series industry. Bhrti Jha start start is carrier “Doraha ullu web series. When this web series released in ullu app, Bharti Jha not see back life. After that Bharti Jha will take many web series on ullu app.

8. Jinnie Jaaz

This actress is most liked actress in india’s web series industry. She worked a famous “Jaane Anjane Main” ullu web series. In this web series Jinnie Jaaz cross every limits of boldness and hotness. After that Jinnie Jaaz work on other best web series example “Charamsukh, Aaate ki Chakki” etc. She works on ullu, voovi, digimoviesplex ott platforms.

9. Ankita Dave

ankita dave

Ankita Dave is start sension from first web series carrier “Singardaanullu web series.This is the most popular web series on ott platform ullu app. In this web series Ankita Dave start as a supporting actress. After that Ankita Dave work many ott web series as “Ghachi, Matakni ke Matke, Chramsukh Chwal House 3 etc web series. In these web series main lead role play with sneha paul.

10. Misti Basu

misti basu



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This actress is very cutestest actress in web series industry. She starte our carrier with “Palang Tod Adha Adhura Pyaar” web series. After that form this web series get more popularity gained Misti Basu actress.


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