Shyna Khatri All Web Series List Watch Online (December 2023)

Shyna Khatri Web Series : For your information Shyna Kharti is the most popular actress and model in India. And Shayna Khatri start our carrier hariyanvi & panjabi music video but after some time she start work on web series as a modal.

shyna khatri web series list watch online

In this post we are going to tell you Shyna Khatri all web series list with web series story in step by step. Then if you want know she all web series list then read this article completely. And these web series Shyna Khatri given very bold look and intiment seen in these web series.

Then let’s know to Shyna khatri all web series list in step by step….

1. Malaai Web Series

shyna khatri web series list watch online


This web series story husband and wife who lived in the village. One day husband goes to city for work for some days. Then same day husband’s uncle and cousin cousin come to her home. When his cousin know brother (husband) goes to city then cousin start physical relationship and devlope with our bhabhi in home.

2. Malamaal Web Series

This web series story a girl name marride Rekha who lived with our family. One day Rekha’s death and not any reason then her lawyer come then he read who is murdered Rekha. After what happend will next in this web series want to know, watch full web series on ott platforms.

3. Tohfa Ullu Web Series

tohfa ullu web series

Tohfa web series story a husband wife and his friend. One day Amiya send a gift for our wife from city to village by our friend. Then his friend goes to his home and given the gift Amiya’s wife.

When his friend looks our Friens Amiya’s wife he fall in love. He desire to devlope physical relationship but he can’t do because all other member liven in house. To want to know what will next in this web series, watch full web serieson ullu app.

4. Choti Bahu Web Series

Choti bahu web series story a village house, where younger son get marride a girl. When girl (daughter-in-law) come in the new home and meet our father-in-law and all other member and she very happy.

But one day her husband goes to out of home then her father-in-law behaviour changed and he forced our daughter-in-law(bahu) to devlop physical relationship After next to know watch full web series.

5. Bikau Ullu Web Series

bikau part 2 ullu web series

This web series story Ranjeet and his girlfriend, one day Ranjeet & his girlfriend romance with each other in home then a man enter the home and that man start killing to Ranjeet. But after some time his girlfriend to know Ranjeet taken lots of money this man.

Then she said i will pay all loan after some days. Then she goes to our home and share a best friend then her friends say i will give you lot of money but reverse me i need something else then she is agree. Then Ranjeet’s girlfriend start romance and devlop with our best friends for money.

6. Mrs. Teacher Web Series

mrs teacher web series

This web series story a couple who lived a house and her husband is not fully satisfied to our wife then his wife start affaire with another boy. One day she said our husband your sister weak in study to join a tuition teacher to home.

Then her husband is agree to and her wife arranged a teacher for Riya, but teacher is boyfriend couple of wife. Then he everyday come to home then after Riya study, start romance with his wife. What will next in this web series want to know watch full web series on ott app.

7. Karzdaar Hunter’s Web Series

The karzdaar web series story a family who lived a city on rented. And his family can’t pay many month then one day makaan maalik come in the home and he said i need rent then you give me my rent all money.

But his family say i did not able to pay your rent this time then landlord (makaan malik) said our daughter sent my room for every night, then his family agree and sent to our daughter in the night. Then what do langlord with his daughter to know watch full web series on hunters app.

8. Paglet 2 Primeplay Web Series

paglet primeplay

This web series story a 45 years man who’s wife passed away for long time, then he decide to marry a girl. Then one day man marride a woman and come to home. But she did not know his a son already have. Then she get enjoy first night.

But his a son mentaly weak and one her husband not at home the son start to touching to our step mom. Mom is take interest to stepson then both strat and develop physical relationship. After will next to know watch full web series primeplay ott app.

9. Rog Vilas Rangeen Web Series

This web series is most popular web series on rageen app. And this web series stort a couple who enjoy our life and both of happy and everynight she devlop physically relationship to husband and wife. But one day his husband is weak and then her wife to monotonous then waht happend will next in this web series to watch full web series on rangeen app.

10. Gupt Rog Cineprime Web Series

This web series story two girl who is addict to mustarbration to every day. And she to know hot to move on this situation then one day both meet a college boy who advice her to how to handal this situation. On day she is not control then she call that boy then boy come in the home she start develop with intercorse with him. Watch Guptrog web series on cineprime app.

11. Pahredaar Primeplay Web Series

Pahredaar Primeplay

This web series story a newly marride couple who come in the new home with our husband then she meet father-in-law. This girl belong ti ritual family and she follow to culture to retuals.

One one day his husband not at home then her father-in-law start develop physical relationship with her. Then what happend in next in this web series watch full web series primeplay ott apps.

12. Biwi Ho To Aisi Wow Web Series

This web series story a couple everydays ups and down, then both decide to ges to out of city to shortout our problems then one day this couple goes to a new place. But their view is looking to romantic weather. Then couple start romance that place but a man seen seem him and capture. After next to watch full web series on wow entertenmeaentertainment pp.

13. Pahredaar 2 Primeplay Web Series

Pahredaar Primeplay

This web series story continues of season 1, one day his husabnd not at home she develop physical intercourse with our father-in-law (sasur). But suddenly her husband enter the room and catch him both when his father & wife develop physical relationship. Then wat happend in next in this web series want to know watch full web series on primeplay ott app.

14. Lady Doctor Primeshots Web Series

Lady doctor web series story a man who is paralyzed, then his son goes meet a doctor then doctor appointed a lady doctor who care everydays. One day his son not at home then lady doctor start physical relationship and then his man body recover. Watch lady doctor full web series on primeshots ott app.

15. Kaam Purush Primeshots Web Series

kaam purush


Kaam purush story a newly marride couple, whos husband is not satisfy fully fill desire, Then her wife start another boy searching. Ond day her husband’s friend come in the home she fall in love with him. THen she start talking with our husband’s friend.

One day her husband not at home, because he is giong to our hob then her wife call his friend then friend come and start develop physicals relationship but husband know everything. Hid wife cheat then what happend in next, to know watch full web series on primeshots app.


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