Neha Gupta Web Series List Watch Online (December 2023)

Neha Gupta Web Series : Neha Gupta is most famous actress & model in India. Neha Gupta start our carrier “I love you” web series, and she become gain more popularity when this web series released on ullu app. After then she worked other many web series with ott platforms.

If you want to know “Neha Gupta” all web series then you read this article completely, because in this article we are going to tell you neha gupta all web series list with story, release date, and all other information in step by step.

1. Dil Do Ullu Web Series

neha gupta web series list


Dil Do web series story a girl name Chameli, who is newly marride girl. And few daye of marriage Chammeli’s husband an accident and he become paralyzed. Then Chameli manage our all responsibility home.

Chameli our problem share to our neighbour Suzana, whenever suzana is employee of a adults toy company. One day Chameli said to uor friend to i need something alse then her friend given a toy but she is not happy after will next in this web series. To know watch full web series on ullu app.

2. I Love You Ullu Web Series

neha gupta web series list

The story of this web series Aakash and his best friend Suraj. And Suraj & Aakash crush on Natasha. But one day Aakash goes to ur friend suraj home and he meet Suraj’s sister (Prabha).

Then Aakash & Prabha start love with each other, and one day both start develop physical relationship. But in the web series Surah’s mom also liking his friend Aakash then what happend will next. To know watch full romantic web series on ullu app.

3. ATM Bhabhi Voovi Web Series

neha gupta web series

This web series story a girl who goes to villagers home in lockdown and with finger cash withdrawal customer money with his banks. One day a villagers call him atm bhabhi, then atm bhabhi come in his home then a man given some money to spend some times then she is agree and develop physical relationship with tisn man. Watch full web series on voovi app.

4. Charamsukh Tapan Web Series


The web series story a family when Riys’s live with our husband with a home. One day her husband’s sister come her home with our husband Vaibhav. When Vaibhav meet our wife’s bhabhi he fall in love.

One day Vibhav wife goes to bath then Vaibhav start and develop physical relationship with our wife’s bhabhi. Then suddenly her wife entered room then what happened will next in these web series to know watch full tapan web series on ullu app.

5. Stranger Primeplay Web Series


This web series story a newly married couple, then both sift a new city and her husband always busy to office work. And his wife alone and bore. One day she received a stranger message.

Strangers invite to meet alone with develop our physical desire. Then she goes to a house where she meet with stranger and develop our physical relationship and fully satisfy. Watch full romantic web series on primeplay app.

6. Pahredaar Primeplay Web Series

Pahredaar Primeplay Web Series

This web series story two marride couple wherever she live with our father-in-law and her husband live in the city and he work job. Then both she feel sad but his father-in-law every night both to satisfy and develop physical relationship and fuulu satisfied with our both bahu.

Ih this web series Shyna Khatri, Jayshree Gaikwad play main role and Neha Gupta play a supporting role in this web series. watch fuulu romantic web series son primeplay ott app.

7. Charamsukh Majboori Web Series



The Majboori web series story a singal mother (Shyama)who lived with our 19 year daughter Zara. One day Shyama develop physical relationship with a man Rahman whos wife passed awat for long time.

And after some days Rahman come to Shyama house, and he meet syama daughter Zara, Rahman falll in love with zara. Then Rahman said Syama i want to marry your daughter Zara the her mother agree and get married then both samd home enjoying with Rahman.


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