Jayshree Gaikwad Web Series List Watch Online (December 2023)

Jayshree Gaikwad Web Series List : Hello friends if you want know about Jayshree’s Gaikwad, which web series she worked. Then must read this article because in this article we are going to tell you about Jayshree Gaikwad, and she all web series complete information.

jayshree gaikwad web series list

Jayshree Gaikwad is a most popular actress, model and influencer in India. She works many web series and with ott platforms as ullu, digiplexmovies, cineprime, wow entertainment, hunters etc.

1. Sauda Hunters Web Series

sauda hunters web series

In this web series story was a boss who want to sleep with employee’s wife. But one day boss announce in the office who’s wife spend night with me, i get promotion his employee. Next some employee is agree to promotion, then our wife send a night with our boss. Then boss enjoy with our employees wife. Then next day promote him yes or no want to know watch full web series.

2. Vasu Primeplay Web Series

This web series story as a boy who not control our sex desire, when he see any gilr his sexual desire start. But one day when he see a hot aunti his desire to start to sleep with her. Then he goes to near her and ask him this aunti is agree, then goes both a hotel and enjoying with his. Watch full vasu web series on primeplay ott app.

3. Khidki Ullu Web Series 2023

jayshree gaikwad web series


This web series story a boy who sleep with family in the street. Where this boy sleep from near a girl sleep and her intiment seen are showing thhen he boy look everynight when that girl sleep in the night. When girl sleep her intiment part looking a boy he want intercoure desire start, he want to sleep with her. Watch khidki web series on ott app.

4. Paglet Primeplay Web Series

paglet primeplay web series

Then paglet web series story a boy who’s name Tikku, and he is mentally weak. Tinkku live with our brother and bhabhi. One day his big brother not at home because goes to office her wife start romance with Tinkku. Tinkku ia mentally weak that the reason he can’t say everything’s. But when her bhabhi touching Tinkku enjoy with her.

5. Farebi Yaar Web Series 2023

jayshree gaikwad web series

This web series story Sugandha’s and her husband, Sugandha sift a new city with her husband. And below flat a girl Nikhat lived, whos is a modal. But one day Sugandha’s dever come new her home and seen him (Nikat).

Her dever love Nikhat he want to intercourse with Nikhat. One day both suddenly meed and get close friends, when not at home in Nikhat her dever goes to Nikhat home and start romance and fully satisfied with him. Watch farebi pyaar web series ott app.

6. Karzdaar Hunter’s Web Series

This web series strory was family who lived in th city on rented. But his family not pay rent for very long time. One day makaan maalik come to home ask for rent but his family have to no money to pay rent.

Then makaan maalik say send our bahu in the night for me. Next night her bahu goes to meet makaan maalik then maalik intercoures with him. Watch full web series on hunter;s app.

7. Karonaa Primeplay Web Series

carona primeplay web series

The web series story a boy name Mahesh, who lived with uncle and aunti. One dau uncle goes to home town tor any work in this time corona lockdowns’ announce. Then uncle can’t come home. Then Mahesh start care our aunti but aunti need to something else, then boy Mahesh full fill satisfy her desire. Watch full web series on primeplay ott app.

8. Charamsukh Bidaai Web Series

This web series story was Genda and her wife chameli, he is a newly marride couple. When Chameli come from our mother home with near our husband.

Everone know him her wife and him. One day in his home family member not at home then a village boy come in the home start with romance with Chameli. Watch full web series ott app.

9. Jalebi Part 2 Rabbit Web Series

jalebi web series

Jalebi web series a story a village where kotha. And all villager goes to kotha and enjoy with kotha girls. But kotha owner not allow when you have no money. One a old man goes to enjoy in the kotha waht happens with him, watch full web series on Rabbit ott app.

10. Railgadi Chuk Chuk Web Series

Railgadi web series story a village where a daughter-in-law (bahu) live with our father-in-law (sasur). And her husband is gone to city for work a job. When her husband not at home her sasur start intercoure with our bahu, but in time a boy captured a video, and start blackmailing him. After that what happend in this web series watch railgadi full web series on ott app.

11. Sachchi Saheli Web Series 2023

sachchi saheli web series

This web series story a marride woman, her marride have three year’s but her huband not fully satisfied. One day her friends Maya come at home then woman share with all problem.

Then woman request with him say Maya’s our husband share me, then Maya goes to home and say with her Husband then her husband is agree to sleep with a night with our wife friend’s.

12. Pahredaar Primeplay Web Series

Pahredaar Primeplay Web Series

This web series story two daughter-in-law and father-in-law. When his both son goes to job on another city then father-in-law start romance with our both daughter-in-law and her sasur both satify him. Watch pahredaar hot full web series on prime plat ott app.

13. Aunti Ka PG Cineprime Web Series

aunti ka pg web series

This web series story a three girl and 3 boy who lived a PG, when girls goes to bath in swimming pool, then both 3 boy watch him, and he want desires sleep with him. But one day light cut at in home then all girls and boy goes to sleep in roof. Then three boy goes to sleep with near girls, after will what happend in the web series watch full web series on primeplay ott apps.

14. Baba Rancho Cineprime Web Series

This web series atory a women who is not happy with, then she goes a baba and baba Rancho advide him and given a medicine. Then woman goes to home and mixture in food and and give the food our husband, then when her husband eating her sexual desire start then start romance with our wafe and fully satisfy him. Watch full web series on baba rancho prime play att app.

15. Devrani Jethani aur Wo Web Series

devrani jethani aur wo web series


This web series is the latest ullu web series, In this web series Pihu Sharma and Jayshree Gaikwad play main lead role watch devarani and aur wo full web series on ullu official app. In this web series Pihu Sharma and Jayshree Gaikwad given very bold and hot look. Then watch web series alone.

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