Bharti Jha All Web Series List Watch Online (October 2023)

Bharti Jha Web Series List : Bharti Jha is a most popular actress, modal and influencer in India. Bharti jha first web series is Dhoraha and she work on other many web series. In these web series she play main lead role and given very bold & hot looks.

bharti jha web series list watch online

Today in this post i will give you Bharti jha web series complete information. Then you can watch ott platform easily. Where she work hard in all these web series. Then must read this article completely.

1. Doraha Ullu Web Series

dorha ullu hot web series


This web series story a newly marride couple Ratna and her husband Sekhar. Ratna & Shekhar goes to honeymoon in other city, then next day her family member call her and ask what happend in last. Then Ratna say i am fully satisfied with Shekhar, and Shekhar also happy with Ratna.

2. Sauda Hunter’s Web Series

sauda hunters web series

In sauda web series a multinational company which a boss, he want to promote our our employee if his employee’s wife spend one night. Then Some employee’s wife cill night out with his boss then his boss promote his husband in the company. Watch full hot web series on hunter ott app.

3. Betaab Ishq Hot Web Series

betaab ishq part 2 ullu web series

This Betaab Ishq web series story a man who lived with our daughter named Nidhi. Nidhi goes to every day school, one day she will come with our friends Shanaya. Then Nidhi introduce him with our father.

When his father see Sanaya he is fall in love, and want to intercoures with him. But day Nidhi’s fathers call him (Sanaya). Then she come at home she start intercoures with him.

4. Aamras Ullu Hot Web Series

bharti jha web all series list

Aamras web series a boy whose name Vinay. Vinay is searching a girl for full fill satisfy desire with him. But after some time he get a girl who want to intercoure with him. Then he is started intercoure with his. Ans both also satisfied every one.

5. Farebi Yaar Ullu Web Series

farebi pyaar

This web series story of Sugandha and her husband. And Sugandha sift a new city with her husband. Where Sugandha sift new home near a girls lived who named Nikhat, Nikhat is a modal.

But after some day Sugandha’s dever come to new home in the city, when his dever looked Nikhat he fall in love, after some time Her dever and nikhat meet very close and full fill desire. But in this time her bhabhi seen him both. But her bhabhi is not satisfy with his big brother, then her dever start intercoure and fully satify with our bhabhi.

6. Yes Mam Hunter’s Web Series

The web series story a college teacher, who is looking so very bold. All student become to crazy for attent the mam class. When mam teaching some boy comment and love her. A headmaster develop her physical relationship with mam, but some boy disturb and comment her. Watch full web series on hunter;s app.

7. Paglet Prime Play Web Series

paglet web ullu hot

In this web series a boy who named Nikku. Nikku is mentaly weak, and he lived with our mother and sisterin-law (bhabhi). But when nikku mother not at home her sister-in-law (bhabhi) start romantically satisfy with him. Nikku is enjoying with our bhabhi but he can’t say anyone. To watch paglet web series on primeplay ott app.

8. Babu Ji Prime Play Web Series

This web series story was a family who father lived with our two son and his wife. But father is blind. When her son not at home her wife trying to start something intercourese with our father(sasur). So that her father is very happy with our bahu. But one day his son come home they say everything about his wife’s. Watch babuji full web series on prime play ott app.

10. Dream Girl Ullu Hot Web Series

dream girl

The web series story a girl who get a magic book. When girl read this book in dream she is very satisfy in the night on another man. But one day a boy break this book that the reason she is very sad. Then she is start romances with that boy without his permission. But that boy is very happy with intercoures with this gils. watch this web series on ullu app.

11. Dhanno DoodhWali Web Series

This web series a girl who naed Dhanno, she is supply milk in our village. One day she is going to morning to get milk a boy who want to try to her milk. Danno doesn’t not like him. But he suddenly catch him and try to drink to her milk, then danno is given everything that boy, So that in this web series watch full web series dhanno doodhwali web series.

12. Ghar Ka Call Boy Hot Web Series

ghar ka call ka boy

Ghar ka call boy is story a boy and her sister who is unemployed. Both searching a job. But one day Rani;s friend call him say come out in the night marride party.

Then both goes in the party after parti out a boy call him Rani’s and he done everything with him, and he is given some money. After Rani;s start call girl and her boyfriend all working in call boy service.

13. Ghar Sasur Besharam Web Series

This web series a boy who looking a dream to become rich. But one day his friends advice hin how can you become rich. His friend’s say go to marry a very rich girl. Then he get agree with friend advice and follow it rule.

And he goes to a night parti as a waiter, he is trying and target a rich gils, where you can get marry her. But a woman get him whos husband past away but she is very rich, She is become to a boy who satisfy her, then this boy fall in love and start everything with that woman. Watch full web series on besharam ott app.

14. Do Haseena Wow Hot Web Series

do haseena season 2 web series

This web series story is Ragini and her sister, one day Ragini enter at hone see look her sister romancing with our boyfriend. But also Ragini want to intercoure with him. Then her sister given permission to intercoure with our boyfriend. After her boyfriend fully satisfied with Ragini. Ragini is very happy with sister boyfriend. Then daily both romances with this his our boyfriends.

15. Matkani Ke Matke 2 Hot Web Series

matkani ke matke


The story of Murari and Matkani. Murari get a new marride and her villagers wait for watch his new wife. After some days Murari come in the village with his wife.

Many people wat to looking to crazy. When villager people looking he say bhabhi breast is very big and hot. And many people want to spend night out with Murari wife.


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